Le fuel belt or backpack: which is cooler?

Alright, so I have run with a backpack before and it wasn’t too bad. It’s been a while, but when I was like 18 and super-ambitious I would sometimes run 8km to work and haul my work clothes/shower stuff in my bag. I never really minded it because it generally only took me around forty minutes or so to complete the run. But of course, doing a half-marathon the distance and time would be a considerable difference. And, needless to say, those days are long, long, long gone! More recently a friend and I hiked with our babes in carriers to the Ink Pots in Banff, Alberta (11.5 km). Of course, this was when I was completely out of shape…I mean, full-on sore for almost a whole week. Recovery involved me bracing myself before walking down and up stairs; sitting on chairs; getting in and out of the truck – it was ridiculous. With that said, the bottom line is that I know I can survive long treks with something on my back, but I’m wondering which is better for runs: fuel belt or pack?

First up, let me be really honest: I can’t stand how packs move from side-to-side; I’m one of those people who try to wear tight jackets while running to avoid this issue as well. And secondly, when I think of the belt, I think of fanny-packs (and Danny Tanner.) And it also brings me back to a few years ago when I was a little sick and had to use a fanny pack to hide my IV crap. At the time I flat-out REFUSED to wear the fanny-pack on my waist (the nurses would roll their eyes), so wore it on my shoulder like a purse.Yeah. I know. That didn’t look much better, but seriously?! A freaking fanny-pack? What decade is this? And sincere apologies to people who continue to wear fanny-packs, but I hate them and don’t want to look like a dork with a belt. (Please note: if I still had my New Kids on the Block fanny pack I would darn-well use that without question).

But back to some serious questions: does the belt flop around? Does it move at all? I would love to know what everyone else uses to transport their run goodies during a long-distance run/race. Any feedback is much appreciated!

One thought on “Le fuel belt or backpack: which is cooler?

  1. I like doing a few different things. First I use a fuel belt that holds 4, 6-8 oz water bottles and it has a small pocket for Kleenex or keys or even a gel or two. Also, if you start looking for shorts or shirts that have small pockets in them they are good to carry gels. Lulu lemon always has hidden pockets and biking jerseys have pockets in the back. I have never been a fan of a back pack but some like them. Experiment and get used to the clothing or accessory bc chafing is no fun on race day. Bottom line, you don’t have to wear a fanny pack, even if NKOTB are getting back together.

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