Day 25: 4 mile run by South Glenmore Park

Today we had a great 4 mile run through Glenmore Park. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect for a good mid-morning run. I have never run further than the turnaround point by the waters side, so it was neat to run by Heritage Park (Felix really loved it.) I think I may need to investigate some other trails to start running on though, I am starting to grow tired of the Reservoir (or maybe my playlist?)

There were a few people out running today, it looked like the Running Room must have had a clinic going on (had the km markers out.) Saw a few bikers and also a few walkers.

I continued with “Project Morning” – it all went very well, even with people whose first language was clearly not English – they smiled & waved. However, when we were nearing the end, there were two ladies ahead and as I passed I said, “Morning!” One ignored us altogether; the other shrugged and gave us a muffled “Hi….” It took all my willpower not to turn around and say: “Ya know, it wouldn’t kill ya to smile!” But the overwhelming elation that I was almost done made me consider otherwise.

It was a pretty great 4 mile run; I know my time could definitely be better but I’ll just keep working on it.

Here are todays stats:

  • Distance: 4 miles (6.44km)
  • Time: 41:23
  • Pace/km: 6:25
  • Best Pace: 5:35


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