If you’ve given a dollar you’re part of the marathon of hope: let’s find a cure for Cancer because I don’t want my kid to grow up with this bullshit.

Most of you know by now that Terry Fox was and still is one of my idols. When I was younger, I raised so much money that Betty Fox wrote me a letter thanking me. I don’t know if she actually wrote the letter but it was pretty special to me and encouraged me to keep going & working to raise money. And when there are days that I feel I’ve been given the short straw or that life sucks that day, I often think of him and snap back to reality. Life’s pretty damn good. I’ve been healthy almost 365 days straight. YAHOO!

Did you know that Terry’s goal was to raise $1 for every Canadian in his Marathon of Hope? Did you also know that the year after he started it, he raised that and more? This was at a time where communication wasn’t what it is today. It wasn’t like people hopped on twitter, Facebook or even wordpress to ask for support – it was word-of-mouth and traditional media. Pretty amazing, eh?

Anyway, like many people, cancer hits very close to home. On September 16 my son and I will be running in our second Terry Fox Run together (and I’ve lost count of how many I’ve done to date.) And like Terry says:

“We have 25 million people who live in Canada, each one of us 25 million can get cancer. None of us are immune. And each of us has a dollar to give. Each one of us. And more. Most of us have more. Don’t tell me that we can’t raise $25 million dollars. Don’t tell me that.”

Donate to help find a cure today!


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