Day 20: Oh yes, rest day again. Plus vino.

So I had my cheat day on Wednesday and miraculously controlled myself pretty well I thought. Just had tortilla chips and salsa/sour cream whilst taking in the Real Housewives of New Jersey (hence changing the cheat day to Wednesday). Got to watch Juicy Joe and Crazy Tre fight with everyone. It was fantastic. FANTASTIC! It was the best cheat day ever.

Today is rest day and it’s been great. Felix and I went to the Trico Centre this morning for a swim. Played around in the water and walked home. Then we watched the Lorax (again) and hung out for the afternoon. Pretty terrific day if I do say so myself. Oh and tonight, I’m going to celebrate almost three weeks of awesome training with some red wine, compliments of one PO’Connor. Love Red Velvet. Hopefully it won’t come back to kick my arse tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone is having a terrific Friday! YAHOO!!!!

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