Day 17: 3 mile run through my “hood” with stroller

Not going to lie. I absolutely hated pretty much every minute of my run today, but I’m grateful to have it behind me.

The tell-tale sign that it’s not going to be good is when I wake up and want to push it out further in the day. I find myself rationalizing back and forth on why I should push it out; Oh it may be nicer later; it won’t be as busy; Felix just wants to hang out at home. But alas they’re just excuses and truthfully I just didn’t want to run today. I feel as though I should blame it on the amazing meal we had last night at Ruth Chris Steakhouse (everything was coated in butter; delicious.) I argue that that made me more lazy today… right? It may have been the bottle of red we had, too. Or perhaps that I didn’t get to have coffee this morning because I ran out (no pun intended.) At any rate, out we went for our 3 mile run.

It was a cool, grey morning. I wore a long-sleeve and Felix was bundled in a knitted sweater we got from Aunt Mary. He was as tired as I was because he barely made a sound the whole run. The sidewalk was pretty brutal in areas and I question how those with mobility issues get around – it’s unbelievable. But Felix enjoyed the bumps; they kept him entertained.

We did a loop around the neighbourhood and we watched a few golfers (the ones Felix ordinarily heckles from our deck.) These golfers must’ve been die-hards because it was so cold and grey out that I would have stayed in  if I didn’t have to run!

Anyway – here are todays stats: 

  • Distance: 4.81 km
  • Time: 32:40
  • Pace/km: 6:48
  • Best Pace: 5:58

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