Day 15: Cross training and some weights

Today I hit the gym and did a combination of circuit training and the elliptical. I mixed and matched some things from Day 3 of Making the Cut because a lot of todays workout I’ll actually cover at Yoga tonight. With limited energy,  I wanted to focus more on weights this morning and I plan on being sore later today.

I really enjoyed the workout, though the elliptical was tough. I had to tap into my pump up music and YouTube videos to keep me focused. I finished and I’m happy with the results!

I do want to note, however, that the gym is not the place to enable the “Project Morning” stuff because most people there don’t come across as all that friendly. I may be hasty in my judgement, but I do find that there’s a lot of silent competition going on (e.g.: wandering eyes to make sure someone isn’t being outdone; in which case, they will one-up.) I see this a lot and laugh. I am the girl in there that looks completely clueless (especially walking around with Jillian Michaels book), so most people don’t even bother. There are some people at the gym that are generally friendly, but they get paid to be there. I still love the Trico Center though, it’s the best!


Tomorrow is Fartlek training. YAHOO!!!

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