Friends, countrymen, runners lend me your playlists!

If you nip over to my music section, you’ll see my current August playlist. As you know, August is coming to a quick close so I’ll need a new playlist for September. I still love most of the songs on my list, but I would love to freshen it up with some new tunes.

What music do you like listening to? Who’s your favourite artist?

Lately I’ve also been listening to podcasts (dorky, eh?) However, I find it’s a good time to listen to them because I will actually focus on what they’re saying, rather than trying to do a million things – multitasking at its finest! Right now I listen to Penny Sansevieri’s podcast: Powerful Book Promotion. This is likely not interesting to everyone, but I love learning new marketing techniques, so I enjoy this immensely.

Anyway – shoot me your playlists! Would love to see what my fellow-runners are listening to!

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