Day 9: No longer a Fartleck virgin.

Tonight was my very first attempt at the Fartleck – what a time! All I can say is thank goodness for Run Keeper, otherwise I would have quit! Today was an incredibly hot day in Calgary and I ended up having to wait until after 8:30 p.m. to go for a run – heat makes me tired and I was watching a good episode of Teen Mom (don’t judge me). I had a pretty busy day with my son, so as many of you parents out there know, energy levels weren’t at their highest! But I went and I’m glad I did!


So back to Run Keeper. The app allows you to customize your runs and add coaching in – this came in handy at weak moments when I wanted to throw in the towel. When your intervals change, the coach comes over your own playlist and lets you know. Coach also tells you your stats as you run; cuts into tell you time/pace/mileage – very cool. The image above is a picture of my stats. In total, I completed 6.78 km (4.21 miles); it took 46:31; and my average pace was 6:52 (keep in mind that this is averaged over sprinting and walking.)

Here’s the breakdown of my training session:

2.0km – warm up pace

2.5 km – steady/fast pace

0.25 km – fast

0.25 km – slow

0.25 km – fast

0.25 km – slow

0.25 km – fast

0.25 km – slow

0.25 km – fast

0.50 km – slow

Run Keeper breaks down your run on a minute to minute basis – really cool. It also emails you every single race result – and posts to your online profile. Overall, I thought tonight was pretty good. I felt like I could have started out a bit faster, but wasn’t really sure what lay ahead so wanted to conserve energy. I found the warm-up may have also been a bit longer than most training sessions (at least the ones posted online.) However, the timing fell perfectly into what was described on Running Worlds website (45 minutes) – so I’m thrilled with that.

I am looking forward to next weeks Fartleck training session already!

P.S: I’m having a glass of red to celebrate this achievement.

P.P.S: Don’t worry. I hydrated before. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Day 9: No longer a Fartleck virgin.

  1. I giggle everytime I see the word Fartlek, mostly cos I am scared of it! Yay to you 🙂

  2. I know! I even feel silly typing it out! I’m glad it’s done for the day, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks for stopping by – hope you can pass on your running wisdom 🙂

  3. Great job!!! Isnt this more like interval though? The word farlek makes me giggle too!! Whatever it is, running faster will make you race faster!! Can’t wait for your next report!!!

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