Day 7: 3 mile run with a wedgie (a.k.a Susan)

Today marks the first full week of half-marathon training completed – YAHOO!!!! And was happy to spend it running with a good pal.

It’s a gorgeous day in Calgary with a pretty strong breeze (I may have cursed it running a hill today); the reservoir was booming with people and we had a great run! Our time was 31:14 with a pace of 6:17/km. I, myself, think it’s quite impressive given the fact that the two of us had a few beverages last evening to celebrate my birthday and still followed through with a run today. I wholeheartedly believe this proves that a drink (or ten) doesn’t necessarily hinder your running performance. I also followed the rule of having lots of water before and after the boozing.

And no. I really didn’t have a wedgie while running. To better explain, please see image.

Tomorrow is a cross-training day. Still trying to decide if I’ll be doing that with Jillian Michaels or on my own. Any ideas?

Thanks for the awesome run Susan – let’s get the gang together for weekly Sunday runs – that means you too, Lorrainne. I expect you to wear your Vibrams! And Andrea too!


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