Holy Crap, Yoga with Mark G is tough!

So I tried out about an hour of the 75 minute video from Mark Gonzales. It was tough. VERY tough. ESPECIALLY the arm balancing. Okay people, I just figured out how to do a proper push-up!

It was a great video though – he did a fantastic job explaining each posture and also demonstrated alternatives. I found the dolphin pose sequence particularly difficult, but I was also being pushed around by an 18-month old who also wanted to share my mat. Obviously the balancing was quite tough, but I was pleased that I could do the extended versions (something I have never been able to do before without falling over.) I love the variety of postures he uses in this video – it was really close to classes I’ve had. I enjoyed that the flow wasn’t too fast or slow, but perfect for someone not quite a beginner, not quite intermediate 🙂

Needless to say, I will definitely be trying this one again – maybe even tomorrow after my 3 mile run.

For those of you who gave it a try – how did it go?

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